Do you have a troubled teen who needs help?

You have many options of help for troubled teens available.


You have many options of help for troubled teens available, including a boarding school for troubled teens or residential treatment center. Many teenagers experience disorders, such as teenage depression or substance abuse. This website will help you decide which option or troubled teens program is right for your teenager.

Find the appropriate placement for your teen

Private schools for teens

Private boarding school

Residential treatment center

Teen ADHD treatment

Correctional boot camp

Intensive psychiatric treatment

Do not feel like a failure for resorting to these resources! Some teenagers need additional structure to regain control of their lives.

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Many sensitive, caring and intelligent teenagers have difficulty making the transition to adulthood in today’s complicated world. Even the most caring parent needs help handling problems like:

Oppositional defiance disorder (defiant disorder)

Substance abuse

Bi-polar disorder


Teenage depression

Other behavior issue or cognitive disorder

Many types of financial help are available for help for troubled teens or troubled teens programs.

Often parents do not realize that if a public school has expelled their teen, the public school must provide an alternative form of education.


1800 781 8281 was founded as a service to help concerned parents and professionals quickly find the best placement for their teenager.

Options include a residential treatment center, private boarding school for troubled teens, or even international programs.

If you have a troubled teen that is suffering from substance abuse, teenage depression, or other disorders, let us help you find the resources and programs that will help your teenager and your family.

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