Depression  Anger towards parents or authority figures
 Defiant  Refusing to follow family rules
 Bi-polar Disorder  Drug and/or alcohol use/abuse
 ADD/ADHD  Behavioral issues
 Failing in school  Low self esteem
 Skipping School  Sexually active
 Rebellious at home or school  Bad peer group
 Destructive behavior  Drastic mood swings
 Lack of accountability for choices  Eating Disorder
 Runaway or curfew Issues  Pregnancy
 Schizoaffective Disorder  Post-Traumatic Stress
 Oppositional Defiant Disorder  Narcissism
 Sexual Deviant Disorder  Kleptomania
 Cutting Disorder  Self mutilation
 Pyromania Disorder  Personality Disorder
 Teen Sleeping Disorder  Anxiety
 Mood Disorder  Dishonesty
 Cheating  Psycho-sexual Disorder
 Stealing  Lying
 Suicide attempts  Talk of suicide
 Accelerated schooling  Psychological Additions